Current Cast

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon took over the reigns from Jay Leno in 2014, giving up his hosting slot on "The Late Late Show" and bringing the show back to New York City. Previously Jimmy had been a popular cast member on "Saturday Night Live".

He brings a new flavor to the show, and his segments like "Hashtags" and "Screen Captures" tap into a younger, more social media oriented audience.

Probably the most popular of Fallon's segments is "Lip-Sync Battles", where one of his celebrity guests battle it out with Jimmy, performing and "singing" popular songs.

Tom Cruise Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battle

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The Roots

The Roots are Jimmy's house band and, again, bring a younger, hipper vibe to the show.

An extremely popular hip-hop band from Philadelphia, they formed in 1987 and have released numerous hit albums, their brakthrough being "Things Fall Apart" in 1999.

They joined Jimmy as his band on "The Late Show" in 2008 and continued on as his band when he took over "The Tonight Show".

Not only do they provide the theme song "Here I Come" and perform during the commercial breaks but they provide lots of music during the show and contribute to sketches as well. "Slow Jam the News" is one of the most popular bits, with the band playing a slow, sexy song while a celebrity guest reads the news of the day over it.

The Roots Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show Band