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NBC Page Jobs

If you watch the Tonight Show (or "30 Rock"), you've probably seen the NBC Pages - young people wearing those trademark blazers, conducting studio tours tours and ushering audience members at NBC shows.

Pages act as a liaison between NBC and the general public. They also have the opportunity to work on assignments in different studio departments. It provides a chance for them to learn about the many aspects of network television from the ground up.

For many Pages, it's their first step into broadcasting - a way to be allowed into the daily workings of a major network. Regis Philbin started out as an NBC Page. So did Disney boss Michael Eisner, news anchor Ted Koppel, actor/director Richard Benjamin, weatherman Willard Scott, TV legend Steve Allen, game show host Gene Rayburn, actors Gordon MacRae, Efram Zimbalist Jr., Kate Jackson, Eva Marie Saint, Don Galloway, Ken Howard, and many more.

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Working as an NBC Page can also be a fun job, and it can lead to lifetime friendships with other interns who will also be in the same industry. As such, the job can be a good source of later business contacts. (As the old saying goes: "It isn't what you know, it's who you know...") Pages tend to be a really social group.

Perhaps you've wondered what it takes to be a page?

Well, prospective NBC Pages must have a college degree from a four year college or university, and must also some related broadcast experience. such as working at a campus radio or TV station, a school newspaper, or as an apprentice or intern with a production company. It's a highly prestigious and competitive job, one which needs real people skills.

Those that are hired as Pages can work no more than one year as a page. But by then most of the Pages have already found jobs either at NBC or with other production companies.

You can apply to be an NBC page HERE.