Tonight Show Tickets

You can get tickets to the Tonight Show up to one month in advance online HERE. You will sign up for your tickets, and then the show will notify you if you have been selected. You can also request monologue rehearsal tickets online here.

if you're in New York, you can wait for standby tickets under the NBC marquee on 49th Street. They are given out on taping days starting at 9AM (although the lineup typically starts a few hours earlier). Note that if you are trying to get standby tickets to the show, the timing will conflict with you seeing a monologue reharsal... you won't be able to do both!

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For more frequently asked questions about tickets, check out the official NBC Tonight Show Ticket FAQ.

If you have further questions about Tonight Show tickets, you can also call their hotline at (212) 664-3056, Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET. It is recommended that you call this number if you are trying to get standby tickets to make sure they are taping that day.

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